Thursday, August 11, 2005

Or Perhaps I'll Just Stay Home and Alphabetize My Sock Drawer

I had thought, a few days back, about trying to leave for vacation with a cliffhanger ending to increase reader interest and the general drama quotient. I was, after, a Dallas viewer back in the day. But then I forgot. Fortunately (uh huh), V. has just phoned me to say that he just got an e-mail from British Airways saying that they're canceling their flights today because of a labor action by a catering (oh, the irony) union at Heathrow. They are trying to resolve matters, but they suggest that passengers check back with them tomorrow before coming to the airport for their Friday flights.

Will anapestic's first ever trip to England be thwarted by food service workers? Who will survive? Who will perish?

Stay tuned.


Anonymous Chanelbaby said...

Hi Anapestic! If you do end up getting over there, you will LOVE the Sainsburys. They have tons of cute packaged takeaway food in small portions (i.e., that two people can share) plus great fruit and veg. Since you will be in Cornwall, you must have Cornish pastys and PORK PIE. Those last are little bites of heaven.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous anapestic said...

I am now a huge fan of Sainsbury's. I regret that I did not take any photos in the Salisbury Sainsbury's. Not surprisingly, it was much larger than the Central London branch near our hotel, but they were both fun places to shop. Sadly, I did not see your comment before I returned from Cornwall, so I did not know to try the pork pie, though I did have a couple of nice pasties while I was there.

2:29 PM  

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